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3500 gathered for a New Church blessing ceremony in South India

Bishop Emeritus Susaimanikam J from the Diocese of Sivagangai, South India, inaugurated Infant Jesus Church at Ulaganathapurm, in Tamil Nadu, South India, on February 24.
New Infant Jesus Church at Ulaganathapurm, in Tamil Nadu, South India. (Photo:Supplied)

Bishop Emeritus  Jebalamai Susaimanikam from the Diocese of Sivagangai, South India, inaugurated Infant Jesus Church at Ulaganathapurm, in Tamil Nadu, South India, on February 24.

"It is easy to build a church with little difficulties, but it is not easy to bless the church during a time of severe pandemic and social-economic difficulties," the prelate said.

He praised Father Singarayar A, the parish priest, who strongly encouraged the parishioners to construct this beautiful and architecturally pleasing church to promote their spiritual activities.

"Five years ago when we started this process, though we had so many hurdles, God has blessed us abundantly,” the priest said.

"Our newly built church is a monumented work, and many people from different religions like Hindus come here to pray to Infant Jesus and ask for many favours, and they always return once again," Father Singarayar shared with RVA News.

Father Thomas S, spiritual director at Little Flower Seminary, Thoothukudi in South India, stated that the enthusiasm, participation, and dedication of people led to the completion of the church building amid the pandemic.

The new church “was not built for humans to glorify themselves, but to foster their relationship with God, to continue their dialogue with Him. … church activities will bring God and people closer together," said Father Thomas.

Masses were conducted in a hall near the rectory during the last five years.  The newly blessed church building will accommodate over 800 people per service.

Ulaganathapuram parish became the eighty-first parish in the diocese of Sivaganagi on July 24, 2016.

Currently, Ulaganagthapuram parish has over 2000 parishioners and seven substation parishes, including ThinaiKulam, Subbarayapuram, VengitaanKuruchi, Vanangaanenthal, Pagaiventri, Arulnagar, Ariyanenthal.

More than 100 priests, 40  nuns, and 3,500 people participated in the inaugural ceremony.


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