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Eight seminarians ordained deacons: A Milestone for Bangladesh Church

Eight deacons were ordained at the Holy Spirit Major Seminary in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on May 27. (Photo supplied)

Bishop Emmanuel K. Rozario ordained eight diocesan seminarians as deacons at Holy Spirit Major Seminary in Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh, on May 24. 

The deacons came from two dioceses in the country: Deacon Barnabas Mondol, Deacon Bless Sumit Costa, Deacon Luke Albert Bario, Deacon Martin Benesh Tigga, Deacon Gregory Mukut Biswas, Deacon Sagor James Topno, Deacon Shekhor Francis Costa, and Deacon Subash Folia.

These deacons completed their philosophical and theological studies at Holy Spirit Major Seminary, marking a significant milestone in the spiritual journeys of these young men for the Bangladesh Church.

Bishop Emmanuel K. Rozario, approximately 40 priests, 12 nuns, seminarians, and over 500 lay Catholics participated in the ordination ceremony.

The new deacons’ parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, and seminary teachers have accompanied them in the celebration.

In his homily, Bishop Emmanuel K. Rozario emphasized the prophetic role of deacons, urging them to be teachers of faith and to serve their communities with love and dedication. 

The bishop said that just as the disciples received the Holy Spirit and went out to preach, so too were they called to go everywhere and proclaim the good news to the world.

"Your work will be to serve, first of all, at the altar and simultaneously within the church, in the name of the diocese and the priests," said Bishop Rozario.

One of the newly ordained deacons, Sagor James Topno, expressed his gratitude and joy. "I thank God for calling us to His service. This church service is a blessing that brings joy to our hearts and minds. Please pray for us so that we can faithfully proclaim the good news and serve the church," he shared.

Father Paul Gomes, Rector of the Seminary, highlighted the responsibility that the new deacons have accepted.

"Today, they have taken on the responsibility of serving the church, and I pray that they can fulfill this duty with great devotion and faithfulness," he said.

Deacon Francis Costa also took the opportunity to thank the church authorities, seminary teachers, benefactors, family members, and friends who have supported the deacons throughout their journey.

His Excellency Archbishop Edward Cassidy ceremonially inaugurated Holy Spirit Major Seminary on August 23, 1973.

Over the past five decades, it has educated 987 students, ordained 445 priests (including 9 bishops), and contributed to the formation of 83 religious brothers, 11 sisters, and numerous laypeople through its esteemed programs. 

The dedication of 103 professors, who have passed on their wisdom and knowledge to generations of students, supports the seminary's legacy of excellence.

The new deacons requested the community's prayers as they embarked on their mission to dedicate their lives to God's service.- Nikhil Gomes


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