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Hong Kong Cardinal named to Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Cardinal Stephen Chow of Hong Kong.

On May 7, Pope Francis named Jesuit Cardinal Stephen Chow, the bishop of Hong Kong, to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

“We have the great honor of informing you that on May 7, 2024, the Holy Father, Pope Francis, at the suggestion of the Council of PASS and with the subsequent approval of the members of the said Academy, has appointed you as a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences,” the letter from the academy, dated June 5, said.

The letter was signed by Peter Cardinal Turkson, chancellor of the academy, and Sister Helen Alford, academy president.

Pope John Paul II founded the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on January 1, 1994.

Each academy session begins with a report on the church's pertinent social lessons.

The Academy looks into areas where it might be wise to elaborate on these lessons further and offers a helpful assessment of the lessons in the context of the social sciences.

To fulfill its objectives, the Academy plans conferences and workshops around certain topics, encourages scientific surveys and research, assists organizations and private citizens in carrying it out, publishes the findings of its consultations, and publishes scientific publications.

There are about 40 male and female members of the Pontifical Academicians who represent different social science specialties and geographical areas. The academic community nominates them, and the Holy Father appoints them based on their qualifications, exceptional contributions to the social sciences, and moral rectitude.

The Academy Council, which convenes at least twice a year, assists the President in guiding the Academy. The Pope chooses the President, reporting directly to him; the Chancellor assists the President in this role.

The Pontifical Academicians, along with a chosen group of specialists on the specific subject matter covered, take part in the academy-organized seminars. The Academy makes available its scientific papers and deliberations.

Currently, the Supreme Pontiff consults with the academicians before appointing the President and six Academy members to the Council based on the President's suggestion.

Major works, including proceedings from plenary sessions, are part of the Acta series. The Scripta Varia and Extra Series feature special studies on scientific themes and workshop proceedings.


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