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Hundred of Catholics walk in Corpus Christi Procession in Cambodia

Hundreds of Catholics from Pet Yaichi parish witnessed their faith by parading with the Blessed Sacrament and entering houses of the faithful during the Feast of Corpus Christi in Battambang province, in the west of Cambodia, on June 11. 

With Chaiyam, a peacock dance, and many people holding banners, about 500 Catholics processed and entered the faithful in Romchek 1 village house, Rattanak commune, Svay Por district, about 300 kilometers from Phnom Penh's capital.

The community's fully decorated red peacock flowers followed Msgr. Enrique Figaredo, an apostolic prefect of Battambang, as he carried the body of Christ in the procession.

Hem Borey, 69, a faithful joined the procession, said that the red flower represents the blood of Christ and that the peacock flower this season is abundant, so we do not have to spend money to buy other flowers to celebrate.

In their homes, Christians display statues of Jesus and Mary adorned with garlands as a sign for the procession and ask for blessings from Jesus through the body.

"I have seen this program since I was born," said Borey.

She added that the program is held yearly for Catholics to receive God's blessings through the body of Christ, who visits each house.

Faith is essential for this woman's daily life. "I have always believed that God gives us as long as we have faith in Him, more or less, He gives us." Ms. Borey added.

The culmination of the procession was the celebration of the Eucharist presided over by Msgr—Figaredo at the Assumption Church.

In his sermon, Enrique said, "We are in the church together to ask God to give us the power and strength so that we can follow Him, serve Him, and sacrifice our lives for Him." 

He added that we should rejoice and thank God because God is with us. When we walk around the village, it means to us that we remember Jesus' suffering, who was willing to sacrifice his life for all of us, and our hardships are tied to His sufferings.

He also noted that we are the body of Christ, and we must do His will, not our own, but the Word that leads us into His way.

Young and old Catholics gathered at the church from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. the evening before the feast to pray and venerate the Body of Christ.

The parish of Battambang, also known as the Pet Yaichi (Nun Health Care Center), has more than 250 years of history. Before the Khmer Rouge regime, the church operated the now-famous Nun Health Care Center, formerly the Providence Sisters' Health Care Center.

There are currently numerous social activities, such as centers for eye, auditory, and nerve health; early childhood education, such as kindergartens; children's centers for the disabled; counseling centers for autistic children; and outreach programs for children and the elderly. - Kagnha Keo


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