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IFFAsia holds online formation program for young lay Catholics

Program participants

The Institute of Formation Fondacio Asia (IFFAsia) has completed the four-month (February-June) online formation program for young Catholic people from different countries in Asia.

Mary Theresa Le Thi Tuyet An, IFFAsia's program coordinator, stated that Catholic youth leaders from Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Laos, the Philippines, and Vietnam participated in the program supervised by the whole formation team of IFFAsia. 

Mary An said that on the event's final day, the participants discussed "Living Pentecost Every Day," which was interwoven with the overall program's theme of growing a deeper understanding of oneself and strengthening relationships with others and God.

She told RVA News that IFFAsia's the program's ultimate goal was to take a different approach to helping young people in their faith.

"Lay adults find direction and meaning in their lives, strengthen their faith and prayer lives, and develop a greater sense of service to the local church, society, and all of creation in our time," she said.

“IFFAsia also hoped that by putting the participants on a path of human and Christian formation, this program would help them prepare for leadership and grow in their unique callings,” said Mary An.

Christy, a Chinese trainee, said the training strengthened her beliefs and actions.

“When making decisions, I will keep my values in mind. I claim who I am by my actions and decisions,” she said. "I will spend time praying and in God's presence to continue my growth."

Bua from Laos remarked that the program contributed to capacity building and transformation.

"I was able to manage my daily life better. I can also tell that my confidence has increased, particularly while speaking and interacting with others. My invitation for my development is to continue seeking information beyond this program," he said. 

Maria from Vietnam has seen the program as a way to learn things that will help her get through life's problems.

"My learning got better because of this online formation, and I realized that learning more helped me face life's challenges and find solutions to life's problems," she added.  

For one Cambodian participant, Pili, the program has allowed her to learn from others.

"I got the opportunity to share and listen to my fellow group members," Pili said.

IFFAsia is an institute of formation under the Fondacio international Christian movement. The institute has engaged in youth education and social development projects for disadvantaged communities.

Through the Young Lives Development Centers and IFFAsia, the organization educates young people who have dropped out of school and supports and encourages the creation of social projects for poor communities.

Fondacio Asia was started in1982; whereas IFFAsia was established in 2006 in Manila, and has worked with local partners in other Asian nations, including Bangladesh, Brunei, China, East Timor, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand. - Kasmir Nema


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