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Indian priest serves free food to over 200 people during Lent

Father Anthony Lawrence is distributing the food packet and the people who are eating the food which his parishioners served

Diocesan priest Father Anthony Lawrence is providing free food packets to over 200 people near Gopichettipalayam Government Hospital in Tamil Nadu, India during the Lenten session.

"I am only an instrument of God," Father Lawrence told RVA, "and I am carrying out the mission of Christ with the assistance of people with no difficulties."

He continued, "We planned to serve 100 food packets free near Gopichettipalayam Government Hospital, but it was not enough for them. After considering the needs of the people, we increased the number to 200 and may increase in the future."

During the 47 days of free meals between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, Father Lawrence was deeply inspired and motivated by his parishioners who financially and physically supported the mission.

A parishioner, Clement Prem Kumar mentioned that the work is a witnessing work that our parish is undertaking and we're trying to make amends for our past sins.

“I felt a sense of joy when I saw the hungry face after receiving food at the time and it was a truly authentic way to see Christ in suffering people,” according to Antony Prem, another parishioner.

In the diocese of Coimbatore, Father Lawrence serves 400 Catholic families at Sacred Heart Church, Gopichettipalayam, Tamil Nadu, India. - Fr. Johnson Sdc, RVA Tamil Service


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