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Malaysian Christian volunteers learn the importance of recycling

Visitors at the Tzu Chi Cheras Utama recycling center

The Laudato Si' Action Platform (LSAP) of various parishes in Malaysia made a field trip to Tzu Chi Cheras Utama's recycling center on May 14. 

Archbishop Julian Leow of Kuala Lumpur joined them, as well as Father Andrew Manickam OFM Cap and Father Eugene Benedict.

Tzu Chi volunteers in South Malaysia welcomed them with open arms upon arrival at 9.00 am.
Energy conservation and resource conservation were taught along with how recycling materials can be made into jewelry, paint pots, crafts, and papier-mâché.
Furthermore, they learned that newspapers and bottles can be recycled back to their original purposes, which makes recycling more appealing.
During the trip, the participants became aware of the consequences of their actions and learned valuable lessons about sustainability and how they should leave the world for future generations.
Theresa Savarimuthu said the takeaway lesson at the end of the day was that recycling does not only reduce carbon footprint, but it also saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, prevents pollution, etc.
"Everyone can keep the environment clean and our natural resources protected by improving recycling habits. To protect the natural environment, recycling is important,” said Thersa.
"Recycling is also materially rewarding since it allows us to earn an extra bit of income as well as protect our environment," she explained.

The Taiwanese Sister Ye Cijing, a member of Tzu Chi, was transferred to Malaysia with her company in 1989. 

Ensuring that Tzu Chi's spirit is actively promoted throughout Malaysia, Sister Cijing actively went to various places to promote Tzu Chi. 

Brother Guo Jihang, who headed the first Tzu Chi office in Malaysia, visited the Hualien Association in Taiwan on August 11, 1993. 

He received a statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva from Master Chengyan. The spirit of the Bodhisattva is carried out in Malaysia through "hearing the sound of relief." 

The first Tzu Chi Liaison Office in Malaysia was opened in Penang on the 24th day of the sixth lunar month of that year. - Anbu Selvam 


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