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Myanmar Baptist College Students fellowship visits Catholic Cathedral

Father Joseph Gawlu Yung Wa, Chancellor of Myitkyina Diocese, with Kachin Theology College Students (Photo supplied)

Naung Nang Kachin Theology College Students from Kachin Baptist Church (KBC) paid a fellowship visit to St. Columban Cathedral in Myitkyina Diocese, Myanmar on March 12.

Reverend Dr. Palawng Naw Tawng and Rev. Labya La Nan, together with 63 Second-Year Bachelor of Theology program students, took part in the Mass and learned about the Catholics' faith and worship program. 

After the mass that day, the question-and-answer session continued with the theology students about the topics they wanted to ask and the topics they were curious about.

Chancellor of Myitkyina Diocese, Father Joseph Gawlu Yung Wa answered all the questions of the students in the question-and-answer session after the mass.

Some questions asked by the Baptist theology students are: Why is the Marian Shrine built in the church compound? Why were the statues of Saints placed in the church? Does it really make us innocent if we do a confession to a priest? How are you doing missionary work in your own religion? and Why don’t nuns sit in the sanctuary at Mass?

After the question-and-answer session, Ms. Ja Seng Bu said, “to join the Mass was thrilling because the priest and the devotees warmly welcomed us. Also, I was able to clearly see how they worshiped, and I am grateful that I understood the meaning of confession.”

Mr. Naw Ja also said, “I participated in this mass together and learned much about the Catholic religion. As it was my first time participating, I also got different views and different content. I see it as a very good thing to make a gesture of confession to each other of sins in this kind of worship.”

He expressed his gratitude for the priest’s answers for correcting his previous misconceptions and misunderstandings.

The Second Year Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) Students of KTCS in St. Columban Cathedral Church, Myitkyina Diocese (Photo supplied)

Professor Rev. Labya La Nan also highlighted that it was his first time to participate in the Mass.

“We came to learn about the international standard of worship and we also learned a lot of things. Today, I participated in the study and asked about not being able to know by looking at the outside, and I understood that it is more serious than what I see and what I think.”

In Kachin state, Kachin Baptist Church (KBC) Naung Nang Kachin Theology College is the largest school for Kachin Baptist Christians.

Kachin Theology College School Teacher Rev. Dr. Palawng Naw Tawng, who has been teaching as a professor for 29 years, gave a brief account of Kachin Theology College.

Kachin Theology College School offers two fields of learning: Theology and Secular Education. Those who passed high school and Graduated from a university student in theology are taught from the master’s level to the Ph.D.

The college offers to those who have completed the matriculation exam secular education 4 years of Music Major, 4 years of an English major, Computer Science, and Business subjects.

The programs aim mainly to Kachin youth in accordance with gospel values, to learn more about external worldly knowledge.

The college offers also a Korean program. After this program at the college for one year, one will have to continue and study your chosen major in Korea again.

Secular Education subjects can be learned and studied regardless of race or religion. This subject is open to the Baptist Church and all our people as an academy.

This year the college plans to teach courses on livelihood-related subjects. It was opened mainly for young people who could not get a good education due to Global Pandemic and political turmoil. - By Zau Jat Awng


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