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Myanmar Bishops express concern over country’s political crisis

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar's meeting in Yangon, June 7 to 10, 2022. (Photo by RVA News)

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar (CBCM) is “unhappy with the present situation of the country.”

Thousands of civilians have to flee from their native places and millions of them are starving. For this reason, CBCM has expressed its great concern over the people’s anxiety and the security of people especially the elderly, the disabled, children, women and the sick who have to move from their places due to the political conflicts in their areas, said a statement from CBCM after the bishops held the general assembly from June 7 to 10 in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar.

Cardinal Charles Bo, president of CBCM and the bishops from 16 dioceses and episcopal commission executive secretaries with a total number of 21 persons took part in the assembly. 

“CBCM is very grateful to the priests, deacons, religious sisters, catechists and the volunteers who try to support and assist the believers and the civilians who flee to safer places,” said the press statement.

CBCM encourages priests, nuns, and Catholics to keep on providing humanitarian assistance to the refugees regardless of their faith and location with no bias toward any political parties. 

Following the social teaching of the Catholic Church, CBCM will keep on dealing with the Church worldwide and the associations which are willing to help and donate to Myanmar civilians who are facing unprecedented struggles and difficulties due to the present political situation, without any sort of discrimination, as far as possible, the statement said. 

Based on peace, justice and reconciliation, CBCM appealed to all those responsible persons to arrange and bring the basic humanitarian assistance to the refugees, migrants and needy people.

Human dignity and the right to life cannot be exchanged for anything. For this reason, CBCM asks that human life be valued and holy sites of religious buildings, hospitals, schools and institutions are to be respected and well preserved, the press note said. 

Since it is a faith-based organization, CBCM believes that everything is possible with God. For this reason, CBCM encourages all dioceses in every possible way for peace-building in the country. CBCM urged all to pray constantly and offer Mass on every first day of the month, and pray the rosary every evening. 

CBCM stands with the civilians and will continue fulfilling the needs of people regardless of their faith, race and ethnicity. 

According to NGO figures, more than 1,929 civilians have been killed, and 11,000 arrested. More than 800,000 are internally displaced as of February 2021, according to UNHCR. - Hubert Saw/Sgaw Karen Service 


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