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Myanmar: Children’s talent show held at Sacred Heart Education Center in Bago

Teachers and Parents of the Children in Sacred Heart Education Center on November 7 2022 (Photo supplied)

To realize and improve their specific talents, Sacred Heart Education Center in Bago, Myanmar held a talent show for the children on November 7.

“The priority of the talent show was to encourage the young children to come to identify their specific talents and develop and express them freely without fear or force. Giving prizes to the winners is secondary,” the director of Sacred Heart Education Center, Father Abraham Shwe Win, said.

The students from kindergarten to grade 5 participated in this show.

“It is very impressive to see the children telling the stories, singing, dancing, illustrating the stories through their attractive actions boldly. There is already an improvement in the children in their learning. They begin to be creative and they express themselves freely,” An observer, Naw Rose commented.

It is a sort of post-Covid-19 activity for the Children who are learning in Sacred Heart Education Center.

“We hope that the children will continue learning with enthusiasm and be formed and trained for the bright future of themselves and that of the community,” Naw Rose noted.   

The activities of the children would be recorded in the library of the center and in the yearly record.

“The programs of the center are very supportive for the learning children during the difficult time of the country,” Father Shwe Win remarked.

Solid Logo of Sacred Heart Education Center in Bago, Yangon Archdiocese (Photo supplied)

The Sacred Heart Logo which stands in the compound of the Education Center was blessed at the start of the talents show.

Father Shwe Win was grateful to all who support the Education Program, especially the Catholic Mission (CM) of Australia.

On behalf of the Education Program of the Archdiocese, the priest thanked and acknowledged the support, love and prayers of the Catholic Mission.

The director priest stated that the little children and the students are the future of the Country, Myanmar.

207 children are attending in the 2022-23 academic year. The children are of different faiths, most of them Buddhist.

Sacred Heart Education (SHE) Center is one of the educational programs headed by Nation Building Education Program in Yangon Archdiocese.

It is one of the Church programs or activities for the children’s education.

The Catholic Mission in Australia began to support the Sacred Heart Education Center in the late 2016 with the agreement of Cardinal Charles Bo, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Yangon, Myanmar.

This Education Center bears also the second name known as Shwe Hinthar Education (SHE) Center which means the golden bird which is the symbol of the city Bogo and this name is well-known to the non-Christian people of the city. - By Hubert Saw


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