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Myanmar Diocese inaugurates a new parish in remote area

Monsignor Peter Hka Awng Tu inaugurates the new parish Zang Yaw (Photo by RVA Lisu)

Myitkyina Diocese in Myanmar inaugurated a new parish in Zang Yaw village on January 15. 

As the representative of Cardinal Charles Bo, Monsignor Peter Hka Awng Tu, the apostolic administrator of Myitkyina diocese, read the appointment letter by Cardinal Bo.

“Catholic mission is inclusive. It is not only for Catholics but for all of the people, the poor, the needy, and all kinds of people," Monsignor Hka Awng Tu remarked in his homily.

"Creation of the new parish, gives the people of Zang Yaw village better access to spiritual care. And having a priest here will be very helpful for children’s education and development in the area," he added.

The newly established Zang Yaw parish comprises 11 villages, with about 500 people in the population.

Monsignor Peter Hka Awng Tu delivers the appointment letter to new Parish Priest Father Peter Zang Yaw Hpung (Photo by RVA Lisu)

The new parish priest is Father Peter Zang Yaw Hpung, the former coordinator of RVA Lisu service.

There were more than one thousand participants, together with 9 priests. Father Zang Yaw Hpung thanked all the participants at the function.

Zang Yaw village was in the Putao parish before.

Father John Awng Htoi, the parish priest of Putao, stated, “creation of Zang Yaw villages as a parish does not mean that we don’t belong to you anymore. We will keep in touch with one another and work together. We will be available to help in whatever way we can.”

The residents from the villages were full of joy as their desire to get a priest was fulfilled. The catechists were leading the lay people in the past.

“We have approached Father Peter Zang Yaw Hpung many times whether we can get a priest here. He told me to be patient and to wait. Now I am very happy. I feel as our hope is fulfilled,” Marin Yin, a leader of Zang Yaw village, told RVA.

Group photo with the parishioners (Photo by RVA Lisu)

Zang Yaw is about 355 miles (571 kilometers) from Myitkyina. Due to the rocky and rugged road, the priests can hardly give pastoral visits, regularly.

It takes two days by car and two days on foot to reach Zang Yaw village. It is regarded as one of the frontier mission places.

Though it is not easily accessible, the place is beautiful, with ice-capped mountains and wildflowers. It can become a tourist attraction in the near future. - By Chwar Thar


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