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Myanmar Military probes Cathedral, Archbishop’s residence of Mandalay

Sacred Heart Cathedral of Mandalay Archdiocese, Myanmar

Myanmar military soldiers investigated the compound of Sacred Heart Cathedral of Mandalay Archdiocese on April 8, 2022, at 2:30 in the afternoon.

According to one spokesperson of Mandalay Archdiocese, about one hundred soldiers arrived at the compound of Sacred Heart Cathedral of Mandalay Archdiocese and searched thoroughly Cathedral, Parish Priest Rectory, Archbishop’s residence, and Priests Center of a six-story building.

Someone said that the military soldiers got information that the weapons were hidden in the six-story building with brown color. Due to this information, they came and searched thoroughly the buildings but they did not find any suspected things. (In fact, the priests’ center of the six-story building is light yellow.)

Father Dominic Jyo Du, vicar general, and the rector of the Cathedral accompanied them to show the rooms of the Rectory and they searched. 

One layperson accompanied them to the Cathedral Church for their search. At that time, there were no worshipers in the Church.

Archbishop Marco Tin Win escorted them to show them the rooms of the Archbishop’s residence and they searched.

Father Cyril Myint Soe, diocesan finance administrator, and house superior convoyed them to show the rooms of the Priests’ Center.

Although the military searched, they did not find any suspected things, especially the guns or weapons as they were informed.

Most military soldiers went back at 4:45 in the afternoon and remained with two military vehicles and some soldiers. 

Some parishioners arrived at the church for the Lenten service of the Way of the Cross but the soldiers did not bar or check or even did not ask them. 

The parishioners and the priests could do the Way of the Cross in the Sacred Heart Cathedral Church. While the parish priest and the parishioners were doing the Way of the Cross, the remained military soldiers also went back.

They did not occupy the Church for the night and did not detain any person in the Church compound. They investigated the buildings and went back that evening.


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