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Myanmar: Seven Churches Damaged by Junta Artillery Strikes

Seven places of worship in Myanmar are damaged due to the ongoing military artillery strikes.
A damaged church in Kayak State in Myanmar.

Seven places of worship in Myanmar are damaged due to the ongoing military artillery strikes.

Junta artillery strikes were reported in the Karenni region and southern Shan State, Pekon Township in Myanmar.

Six Catholic Churches and a Baptist Church are reported among the other damages caused by the artillery strikes.

Kantarawwaddy Time and PKPF Information Center reported the events about the strike on Christian churches on November 12. The news report indicates that the conflict began in May 2021.

The JuntaJunta fired artillery allegedly without specific targets. Sacred Church in Pekon was hit twice.  The other churches that were shot only once are Kayantharyar Church and Queen of Peace in Daw Ngan Kah, a Baptist Church in Demoso and a Church in Phruso.

The artillery strikes killed four civilians who had taken refuge in the  Kayantharyar Church. Many others seeking refuge in the church premises are reported to be injured.  

In addition to the damages of religious buildings, many of the houses of civilians were damaged by the explosive weapons of Junta. It is reported that apart from senseless shelling,  Myanmar Talmadaw burned down many houses.

A civilian, who resides in the region, spoke on the condition of anonymity. He said that “ Mynamar Talmadaw should not target the civilians and the religious sites. But whenever they are appear defeated, they consider the guiltless people as their enemies.”

“To attack the ordinary people is a blind act which has no meaning at all,”  he said.


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