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New Chapel Blessed in Indonesia’s Eastern Diocese

Bishop Siprianus Hormat of Ruteng Diocese and priest concelebrants at the blessing of a new Chapel on Sunday, May 8.(Photo credit: Website of Ruteng Diocese)

Bishop Siprianus Hormat of Ruteng Diocese consecrated the chapel of Kole station's Santo Pio Langke Majok parish in Flores on May 8.

The choir Cantate Domino from Santo Vitalis Parish, Cewonikit, Ruteng, enlivened the installation of the new chapel. Several priests, including the Manggaraian Regent and several levels of government, benefactors, visitors, and parishioners, attended the event.

The Bishop emphasized in his sermon that "the chapel that has been blessed is a summary of faith in the love and compassion of people. This chapel represents the faith of many individuals."

The prelate also urged the congregation to recognize that faith is personal and must develop through the community while applauding the Kole Chapel's construction because it was based on public awareness.

At the blessing of this sanctuary, 743 children received the sacrament of confirmation.

The Bishop invited those in attendance to pray for the children who received the confirmation sacrament so they may grow and mature into people of strong faith.

"Through the Holy Spirit that we ask to descend on our brothers and sisters through the symbol of applying oil, it is hoped that you will grow in faith and solidarity with others," said the Bishop.

Father Don Lagus, Parish Priest of Langke Majok, believed that the chapel, constructed due to the generosity of the benefactors, would invite and teach the people in the parish to have a spirit of generosity and a desire to glorify the name of God.


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