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Nuncio urges Catholics in Philippines to live up to Saint Joseph's virtues

Archbishop Charles Brown

Archbishop Charles John Brown, Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines, spoke with the faithful about Saint Joseph's profound role as patron of the universal church and the embodiment of dedicated work.

Archbishop Brown delivered this information during the homily of the semi-enculturated eucharistic celebration at Saint Joseph the Worker Parish, which is located in the northern part of Metro Manila, Philippines.

In the Philippines, Catholics from all walks of life dedicated their first day of May to celebrating the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker.

To honor Labor Day, or a special day for the workers, the entire country declared this day a holiday.

The Archbishop said that the religious significance of this feast day, tracing its origins to Pope Pius XII's establishment in 1955 to honor St. Joseph's labor and Pope Francis' addition to the Eucharistic Prayer in 2013, guarantees Saint Joseph's mention in every Mass in all Catholic churches worldwide.

The prelate also emphasized Saint Joseph's significant role as an intercessor, saying that because of his heavenly intercession, God is certain to hear prayers made through him. He urged the parishioners to seek Saint Joseph's assistance in their prayers, with the assurance that God would hear their requests.

“Remember to ask him to intercede for you. God will undoubtedly hear your prayers.

In addition to his function as an intercessor, Archbishop Brown said that Saint Joseph's exemplary marital and fatherly qualities. He connected the obligations faced by modern fathers to the need for protection, care, and commitment in family roles, considering how Saint Joseph performed these responsibilities with the fullest devotion to the Holy Family.

He also emphasized the "dignity of labor and the nobility of working with one's hands," much as Saint Joseph did as a carpenter, and told the parishioners,

"We need to imitate St. Joseph in his dedication to work. Inspiring the faithful to reevaluate how we look at the value of important things in life, he cited Saint Joseph's modest but vital part in God's plan,” he said.

The Papal Nuncio reminded the fathers to follow in Saint Joseph's footsteps of protection and selfless devotion to their families. “You as fathers need to be like St. Joseph, protecting your family and caring for your wife and your children,” he said, highlighting the enduring relevance of Saint Joseph's virtues in today's family life.

To the families and all people gathering to honor the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker, Archbishop Brown reminded them of Saint Joseph's lasting influence as a role model for family, work, and faith. He encouraged everyone from all areas of life to live following Saint Joseph's virtues and to always pray to Saint Joseph.

“So let's imitate. Let him be your intercessor. Remember to love St. Joseph. Ite ad Ioseph, go to St. Joseph.”


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