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Young Catholics in Myanmar’s Mandalay diocese launch pandemic response initiatives

Young people in Myanmar's Mandalay diocese spray houses with disinfectants. (Photo supplied)

Young Catholics in the Diocese of Mandalay in Myanmar have set up COVID-19 response initiatives to address the increasing number of people affected by the pandemic.

The Mandalay Diocesan Youth Commission launched its program on July 21 by going around the city to spray disinfectants in neighborhoods, find oxygen tanks for those in need and communicate with medical teams.

“For now, we give priority to Catholic communities, but if conditions will allow, we will help everyone,” said Tin Aung Myint, one of the group’s leaders.

“I appreciate the efforts of the young people,” said Father Peter Kyi Maung, a priest in diocese. “They are aware of the needs of the people and are ready to respond to them,” he added.

In recent weeks, with the rising number of people infected by the virus, people had a difficult time looking for oxygen supplies, even in hospitals.

Authorities have also imposed restrictions, saying “people are doing it unnecessarily.”

Myanmar is encountering an unprecedented virus outbreak. Within a month, the number of its daily cases has risen tenfold from 630 on June 22 to 6,701 on Thursday, according to statistics on the website of the World Health Organization. - Raymond Kyaw Aung / RVA News

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