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Blessed are the Peacemakers

Myanmar nun Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng kneels in front of police officers to ask security forces to refrain from violence against children and residents amid anti-coup protests in Myitkyina, Myanmar, March 8 in this still image taken from video. (Myitkyina News Journal handout via Reuters)

June 20, Monday, 12th Week in Ordinary Time
2Kings 17:5-8,15,18, Gospel: Matthew 7:1-5

By basing our lives on love, we would become individuals who appreciate the weaknesses of others and ourselves instead of criticizing them.

As I listen to the words of this Gospel, I have a strong desire for a church that looks like Jesus, is kind, and was born from the joy of meeting the Risen One.

If we feel loved by God just as we are, we will be aware of our fragile human nature as imperfect and sinful beings. Still, we will also be mindful that we are beings endowed with intelligence, capable of loving, and left with many gifts and talents.

We put ourselves at the center and think we're the best and most qualified people to judge others. But we get confused and think we'll be happy when our ego is satisfied. This is because we live in a selfish society and many Christians believe that sin is the root of all evil.

Let us remember that at the beginning, there was love, and if we let ourselves be found by this love, then "Everything Changes."

Most of the time, we can be pretty blind to our faults but be very alert to those of others because the truth is that often we don’t want to see or accept who we are, and that is why so many troubles are happening around us because of our too much-minding others' business.

Once an individual realizes their fault, conversion happens. We begin to be forgiving, see the good in others, and avoid comparison, as we have to be open to God’s guidance for a healthy approach to the situations.

It is often the case that our faults are the ones we least tolerate in another person, and this will bring us back to the prime duty of our prophets, which is to preach repentance, to turn from evil ways by not doing wrong to their neighbors.

Do I relate to others by focusing on their weaknesses, gifts, and talents in my family or community? Do I help my children, siblings, and friends get the best out of them, or do I hurt them by judging and criticizing their weaknesses?


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