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Blessedness in Jesus’ Eyes

June 12, Monday of the 10th week in Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: 2 Corinthians 1: 1-7; Gospel: Matthew. 5:1-12

Blessedness in the eyes of Jesus is different from what the world understands. Poverty, mourning, hunger, thirst, and other virtues are why someone is called blessed. The poverty of the spirit bears within it the abundant blessing of life. When one is poor in heart and mind, one is emptied; we are free of clutter, available, and roomy. When we are “wealthy in spirit,” we are full of ourselves and eager to display how much we know and can do. Or we are filled up with multi-tasking and preoccupied with busyness. There is “no room in the inn” for God to do something new.

Blessed are the poor in spirit—those who are not so full of themselves. They show us open lives, available for the mercy that reorders life in the reign of God. Mercy is the currency of the kingdom of heaven. The coming of the Kingdom of God is the reason for all this blessing, for these values are the values of the Kingdom of God. We can't fulfill God’s call by ourselves.

Blessed are those who realize they are spiritually bankrupt, for this realization turns them to God, without whom they cannot fulfill what they are created to do and be. Much of the rest of the sermon rips away from us the self-delusion that we can acquire a state of blessedness on our own. It aims to produce in us a genuine poverty of spirit. We cannot do anything on our own.

We are blessed to realize that God is a big part of our life’s journey. 


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