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Cast your worries on Jesus

April 25, Monday, Feast of Saint Mark, evangelist
Daily Readings: 1 Peter 5:6b-14, Gospel: Mark. 16:15-20

The first reading tells us that there is always a rhythm to our everyday lives in which God's and Satan's presence alternate.

Satan always attempts to deceive us into sin and away from God to create chaos in our lives. Problems will then arise. Fear, worry, envy, burdensomeness, insecurity, and other negative emotions will follow us and ultimately transform our lives.

On the other hand, God asks us to fight Satan's temptations with the firmness and constancy of our faith. God guarantees that he will always be present in our battles against sin. As long as we have faith in God, he will be able to turn our fears and worries into feelings of peace and comfort.

Once upon a time, a young, newly ordained priest was assigned to a country and he assumed lots of differences in terms of its language, culture, customs, mentality, and food. Anxiety haunted him for months before his departure for the said country. He refused to leave, but his superior said, "Give me one good and strong reason for which you refuse to go to this new mission area and come back tomorrow to explain the matter to me.”

After pondering the night and taking it into prayer, the young priest could not find a good and fitting reason not to go to the new mission. The only doubts that have existed so far are fears and worries that are not necessarily real.

Surrender and believe in God's intervention to lessen the fear and worry. Relying on God in all things will bring peace and close the opportunity for Satan.

Saint Paul, who has experienced a fantastic journey of faith and mission, advises us to surrender our fears and anxieties to Jesus. Believe that Jesus will turn all of that into courage, strength, and security that we have never imagined before.


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