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Don’t count the rewards

October  31, Monday, 31st Week in Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: Philippians 2:1-4; Gospel: Luke 14:12-14

Is it possible to do anything under heaven without expecting any outcome or result? During the COVID-19 Pandemic, state organizations as well as many non-state organizations tried to help the poorest affected people with food and amenities, but did these organizations do their generosity campaign for nothing?

The scriptural passage today brings to our attention a very important point about our charitable acts: we should not expect anything in return when we extend a generous hand to a poor and needy person. They don’t have anything to give you in return except a heart filled with gratitude.

The evangelist describes Jesus as a master who welcomes everyone and shows how great God is by not leaving anyone out of the heavenly banquet of His love. Jesus' words seem as if he is asking us to reject our near and dear ones by not inviting them to celebrate our happiness.

Far from it, Jesus is urging us to go beyond our normal relationships and create a new family of God’s favored ones; the poor and needy. For Jesus, the poor and the rich alike are children of God. Therefore, no one should be despised or excluded from the mainstream of social and economic standards.

The central point of the message is that no one should look out for one’s own interests but should consider the needs of others as their own.


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