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Background Music: Panalangin
    Written by: Mark Anthony Cuevas
    Voiced by: Jaz Aquino

July 10, Monday of the fourteenth week in Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: 1st Reading: Genesis 28:10–22a; Gospel: Matthew 9:18–26

In a world where patriarchy is very much felt, it is a dream for every woman to be seen and heard, more so than an inner desire to be treated as fully human.

As Jacob fled to Beersheba to go to a place unknown to him as a foreigner and a fugitive, God assured him of His covenant through dreams. The vision of a living bridge may indicate Jacob’s inner desire to be in communion with God in the midst of danger and uncertainties.

This gave an opening for God to communicate with Jacob and assure him that He stands near him in his journey. It's interesting to note that Jesus, who became a bridge between God and humanity and the stone the builders rejected, later manifested as both the bridge and the stone in the first reading.

Women have, for centuries, been left in the shadows, deemed insignificant, and rejected. Jesus, as the living bridge, has brought women to the fore. For sure, Jesus knew who touched Him. Asking who felt him was His way of getting to light the capacity of women to speak out of their great courage and faith for everyone to hear.

Those who follow Jesus grow in maturity The officer in the synagogue crossed the bridge of patriarchy by asking what seemed impossible for his daughter.

As Christians, can we be bridges of God’s love and bring to fulfillment the unconditional love of God for all, as Jesus did?


Radio Veritas Asia (RVA), a media platform of the Catholic Church, aims to share Christ. RVA started in 1969 as a continental Catholic radio station to serve Asian countries in their respective local language, thus earning the tag “the Voice of Asian Christianity.”  Responding to the emerging context, RVA embraced media platforms to connect with the global Asian audience via its 21 language websites and various social media platforms.