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God is living God

November 19, Saturday of the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: Revelation 11: 4-12, Psalm 144:1-2, 9-10, Luke 20: 27-40

Our lives in this world are very short. The main theme of today’s gospel is the reality of life after death and the relationship between our lives on earth and the life of glory or punishment that will follow. The reading asks us to think about what the resurrection means for us.

Jesus speaks of God as the God of the living and declares that heavenly life with God in glory is different from earthly life, explaining that there is no marriage in heaven in the earthly sense.

We need to change our minds and try to understand the mind of God and believe in Him as a creator and savior, who can do anything. He is a living God, and His loving plans are everlasting.

This gospel story has encouraged us to live our lives as resurrection people. This means that we are not to lie buried in the tomb of our sins and evil habits. Instead, we are to live joyful and peaceful lives, constantly experiencing the real presence of the Risen Lord.


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