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Increase our awareness of God's presence

April 27, Wednesday of the Second Week of Easter
Daily Readings: Acts 5: 17-26, Gospel John 3: 16-21

The first reading makes me think of an Indian film called "Jai Bhim" (victory of Bhim, 2021). A documentary film based on the experience of a poor Indian family from a low caste. A young father of two was arrested, and other family members were on suspicion of stealing. Although the family was handled inhumanely by the police officers and sent to jail, the family's commitment to truth and honesty remained unshaken. They will not be able to buy their faith in the truth and honesty with torture, misery, money, or even death.

We learn from the readings that the apostles listen to and follow God's directions in any critical situation, even when their lives are endangered. They continue to pay attention to the Spirit of truth to witness their trust in Christ amid many challenges.

How about us? Each of us has problems, and many of us continue to be imprisoned by the things that continue to tie in and haunt us.

God always sends his angels every day to us to experience the power of His mercy and love. It is up to us to recognize them. To allow God's will to work through them. Because we cannot save ourselves, but God can.

In times of difficulty, we are asked to increase our awareness of God's presence and enable God to intervene. Those who believe in and rely on God's plan will undoubtedly find a way.


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