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Let’s have doubts

July 3, Monday's Feast of St. Thomas, Apostle
Daily Readings: Readings: 1st Reading: Acts 10:24–35; 2nd reading: 1 Peter 1:3–9; Gospel John 20:24–29

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, Doubting Thomas. He is known by this famous name due to the demand he made. He demands to put his fingers in the nails' marks to believe in Jesus's resurrection.

We all know that St. Thomas didn’t doubt the resurrection of Jesus; rather, he doubted the words of the apostles. Leaving this aside, let us ask one serious question. Is doubt opposed to faith in God? Is doubting a sin?

"Doubt is not the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith", says Paul Tillich. David Magee says, "Doubt is useful; it keeps faith alive. After all, you cannot know the strength of your faith until it has been tested". Galileo says, "Doubt is the father of invention". The very question of ‘how’ only paved the way for the emergence of philosophies in the world.

It is always good to have doubts. According to St. James' letter (1:6), if we don't address our doubts, we'll be like a wave of the sea that the wind drives and tosses. Peter Abelard says, "The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting; by doubting we come to the question, and by seeking we may come upon the truth". It is not wrong to have doubts like St. Thomas.

It is very essential in our lives to have strong faith once our doubts are clarified. Let’s not just stop with doubts. Rather, we clarify them to deepen our faith in our relationships with people and with God.


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