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Mother Mary, the new Eve with a noble role

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May 29, Monday of the 8th h Week of Ordinary Time
Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church
Daily Readings:Genesis 3:9-15, 20; Gospel: John 19: 25-34

The book of Genesis describes women's role in expelling the first humans from the Garden of Eden. The author argues that the first humans emerged from the Garden of Eden due to women's inability to endure and resist temptation. Even though women are viewed negatively, the author recognizes the noble role of mothers.

Women have a noble image because of their position as "mothers," which was first given to Eve as "the mother of all that lives."

There are only so many stories about noble women after Genesis until the time of Jesus. When Jesus said, "Woman, look, your child," he raised a woman's status. Then he says, "Look, your mother," introducing Mary to the disciples and the world.

By doing so, Jesus has elevated Mary, among other women, to the position of Mother in the church, which is blessed. This elevated Mary to a status of importance in the church. Not surprisingly, many devotions are directed and addressed to Mary in faith. It is hoped that Mary's intercession, prayers, and hopes will easily reach Jesus, His Son.

Jesus gave Mary this position because she exemplified humility and surrender to God's will.

A new throne was given to Him because of what Mary did—her obedience and desire to serve God. Also, new humans are born in Mary, namely those who already know the salvation of Jesus, His son.

Mary is the new Eve. Mary is the mother of those who live and believe.

Have we adequately honored Mary on this joyous occasion? Can we recognize Mary's role in directing our hearts and attention to Jesus, His son? Has Mary's presence in this life as Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church ever helped us find salvation?


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