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My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord

May 31, Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Daily Readings: Zep 3: 14-18a; Gospel: Luke 1:39-56

It's always nice to have a surprise visit from someone we like. Perhaps this is what Elizabeth felt when Mary came to see her. Elizabeth struggled with her first pregnancy, was doubtful, and needed assistance. Mary came to visit and even assisted when she saw the need.

As a pregnant woman, Mary understands what other pregnant women require and attempts to assist them. Mary stayed for three months to assist Elizabeth in getting through this challenging period.

Mary taught Jesus to perceive the needs of others and to devote himself to them while he was in the womb. It is very proper to designate Mary as Jesus' Mother. Despite her great standing among any other woman, she modestly stated,

“My soul declares the greatness of God;
my heart rejoices in God, my Saviour,
because he has looked after his humble servant.”

Let us follow Mary's example when it comes to assisting others. Mary is sympathetic and loving because she can perceive the needs of others. The worry stems from a desire to be selfish and concerned for others; what is even more noble is prioritizing others over one's interests.

In terms of receiving praise, we should also follow Mary's example. She recognized who deserved all the credit, and her love for God demonstrated this. Honor does not cause Mary to become haughty or lose herself.

Mary, with humility, dedicated her praise only to God. She dedicated herself to God and was content with the duty that had been assigned to her.

Mary laid the foundations of faith. Mary conceived, gave birth to, and expanded the church in Jesus before it was constituted. In His humanity, Jesus must have learned this directly from Mary.

Respect for Mary is the correct thing to do. Similarly, we ask for His mercy to recognize our challenges and hope He will visit and dwell within us. Mary, with her motherly tenderness, will be pleased to assist. She will give us the tools we need to tackle our issues.

We want to learn more from Mary, and please do not hesitate to encourage her to visit us. Amen.


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