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No Matter What Situation You Face, Be a Faithful Witness of Christ

April 12, Tuesday of the Holy Week
Daily Readings:  Isaiah 49:1–6, John 13:21–33, 36–38

On March 4, 2016, four nuns from the congregation (Missionaries of Charity) of Mother Theresa of Calcutta working in Yemen were shot dead by an inhumane extremist group. Pope Francis greets these sisters, martyrs.
The same group arrested an Indian Catholic priest from the Salesian Congregation. He also worked in the same area where the four sisters were shot dead. They are Christ's witnesses in our day. Jesus Christ lives on through his followers, who stay true to Christ no matter what.

The gospel reading for today is sad. Jesus reminded his disciples that some of them would betray him. As a leader, Jesus felt sad because his disciples were willing to sell him. We can imagine how Jesus felt at that time. One of his disciples sold him, and another denied him. But even so, Jesus still loved them. He still respects the freedom of each individual. Jesus forgave Peter, who was sorry for his actions, and rejoined the Apostles.

As disciples of Christ, let us ask ourselves, "Have we always been faithful to Him?" When others challenge our faith, do we still honestly and boldly profess our faith in Jesus? Or do we betray God out of disillusionment with him, or do we deny Jesus out of fear and a desire to save ourselves? Follow the attitude of the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives and have become faithful witnesses of Christ. Persevere in faith and love Jesus with all your heart.

We pray that God will continuously strengthen our faith to always hold fast to Him and always be ready to be His faithful witnesses even though we are challenged. We ask Our Lady to pray for us. Amen.


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