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Please, my lord, how can I save Israel?

Background Music: Panalangin
    Written by: Mark Anthony Cuevas
    Voiced by: Arlene Donarber

August 22, Tuesday of the 20th week in Ordinary Time
Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Daily Readings: First reading: Judges 6:11–24; Gospel: Matthew 19:23–30

Gideon was surprised. There he was, hiding in his winepress, threshing wheat in secret to protect his harvest from Midianite marauders. Suddenly, the angel of the Lord appeared to him, telling Gideon that it was he who would save Israel from these tormentors!

Living under the constant threat of Midianite raids had now worn down Gideon. He felt the Lord had abandoned his people because they were suffering (Judges 6:13). Not only that, but even if God wanted to help his people, Gideon felt he was the least qualified person to do it (6:15).

God's responses to Gideon can reassure us when we are feeling discouraged and powerless to make a situation in our lives, in the Church, or in the world better on our own.

The Lord is with you, O champion! (Judges 6:12). When Gideon was hiding, thinking that the best he could do was keep a low profile and stay out of trouble, God took the bold step of calling him a champion! God has a more positive view of us than we often do of ourselves, and he calls us to make a difference in the world. He calls us champions.

Go with the strength you have and save Israel (Judges 6:14). When Gideon objected that the Lord seemed to have abandoned his people, God told him to assess his own strength and go. He didn't need to have great power or influence; he just needed to go. We, too, don't need to be the most influential or powerful; we just need to bring to the Lord the gifts we have and trust him to bless our efforts.

I shall be with you (Judges 6:16). The Lord told Gideon that the key to success was not his own qualifications, but God's presence with him. That's what would make him confident. When our hope wavers, we can recall that the Lord is with us, too. He has called us to follow him and to be his saving presence in the world. It's his grace and power that can make things better.

Today, if the problems surrounding you seem unsolvable, learn from Gideon: trust in God's grace, use the gifts you have, and be a champion!

"Lord God, thank you for calling me and equipping me to make a difference."


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