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Risen Lord not only rose but raised those around.

April 20, Wednesday, Octave of Easter
Daily Readings: Acts 3:1-10, Gospel: Luke 24:13-35

Peter after Easter was not the same as before. It is hard to make out that it was the same person from the words that he spoke, from the conviction he had recently conveyed, the wisdom with which he addressed, and the way he talked about Jesus. The old Peter seemed to have disappeared, gone, dead. We will never see him again. He will never go back to the grave of insecurity, uncertainty, fear, and ignorance. As Jesus rose from the tomb, Peter too woke up, clothed in a new spiritual Easterly garment.

I am surprised at what he told the lame man lying at the gate of the beautiful temple. He was not copying the words he had heard earlier when Jesus was with them. It looks as if words were put into his mouth: "I have no silver... what I have I give to you... rise and walk." The lame man walked. People were filled with wonder and amazement, not only at the man who got up and walked, I suppose, but also at the man who was now speaking like Jesus, with unseen authority and power. The good news of the resurrection affected the people and the transformation experience in those who were with Jesus. A new way was opening up, quickly gathering people together.

The Emmaus walk shows that the risen Lord is no longer restricted to where he was buried but goes miles away with those keenly interested in him. He walks along with us as we walk through our days and is silently and attentively listening to us. And if we are attuned to him, our hearts too will wake up to his presence, and our eyes will be opened.

Let the risen Lord raise us to new ways of living and relating.


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