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Storms in Life

April 22,  Saturday of the Second Week of Easter
Readings:  Acts 6:1-7; Jn 6:16-21

When faced with problems or troubles, most of us complain or refuse to face the problem by distracting ourselves. There is also a tendency to procrastinate. When the time comes when we need to solve this problem, we panic and make poor decisions. We get so distracted by the negativity of the situation that fears overtakes us. It’s like when we are caught in a storm, we are so worried about how strong the wind and rain will be that we forget to pray.
The first deacons in the first reading might have been fearful initially with their mission to help the apostles spread the word of God. But knowing that God is on their side, there isn’t anything that they cannot do. One of the deacons, Stephen, was constantly challenged by this group of people in numerous debates, but they failed to outsmart him because God, the source of truth, was always with him.
In the Gospel, Jesus said, “It is I. Do not be afraid.” It’s like He is telling us that there is no problem too big or a strong storm that we cannot overcome with Him on our side. Usually, our last resort is always prayer, when it should be the first resort, followed by our efforts to overcome these struggles. And when we have done all we can, that is the only time we surrender and leave everything in His hands. We all know this truth, yet we cower in fear as if we do not know.
Sometime in 2011, just a few weeks away from World Youth Day Madrid, a delegate was in a dilemma because she still had to make certain payments for airplane tickets, and the deadline was approaching. During a formation in a parish, she saw a basket full of rolled small pieces of paper. Above it was a sign that said, “Take one and read.” She took one out of curiosity, and upon reading it, she burst into tears. It contained Psalm 56:4 “When I am afraid in you I place my trust.” She did not know how this would solve her financial problem, but she knew God had answered her prayer. Just a few days later, one of the elders in their parish extended his financial assistance to help her cover the rest of the airplane ticket costs.
Let the Psalm for today, “Lord let your mercy be on us as we place our trust in you,” remind us that trusting in Him is much better than panicking or denying that we have to face our struggles. Let us not be distracted by the storms in our lives. Let us face it with Jesus by our side.


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