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Surrender everything to God

April 26, Tuesday, the Second Week of Easter
Daily Readings: Acts 4: 32-37, Gospel John 3: 7-12

Both readings highlight "gives," which means ‘to share,’–to share the most precious things we have.

In the first reading, believers gave their possessions for the common benefit. In the Gospel reading, He sent and gave His son because of God's great love for the world.

Giving and sharing what is so precious in our lives is very difficult. Today, God recalls and challenges us to be capable and willing to sacrifice and surrender everything for God's and others' sake.

We are all invited to recognize our worth and wealth, and these treasures are not necessarily money, house, accommodation, pets, vehicles, and others.

Our riches may take the shape of time, skills, mutual concern, and love for God's creation, which are often so precious that we are unwilling to share or care for others around us.

While smartphones, social media, and technology bring us closer to people who live far away, they distance us from those nearby. We are too preoccupied with keeping up with our lives and neglect our closest relationships. We lose sight of the fact that we have a family that needs our attention, love, care, and presence.

Sharing time, affection, and care is a precious asset. Time is a rare commodity that is tough to gain from individuals in our immediate circle.

We hear terms like "no time," "wasting time," and "time is money" regularly. And they are causing harm to others around us and separating us from God.


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