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We are called to be "Jesus" for others

Saturday of the Second Week of Easter
Daily Readings: Acts 6:1-7, Gospel: John 6: 16-21

The disciples were scared when Jesus appeared to them walking on water. Their anxieties were heightened further when they saw someone approaching their boat a night.

"The boat" represents home, security, and faith. The sea, the night, the darkness, and the mysterious person all serve as symbols of peril. Nonetheless, the disciples stayed in the boat.

In everyday life, we are all confronted with many issues that often occur concurrently. Often, we moan, get furious, worry, feel hopeless, discouraged, and even doubt God's existence.

Regardless of the magnitude of our challenges, we never abandon the boat of our faith, for it contains hope and solace. As long as we do not forsake the ship of faith for Him, it will always be Jesus who approaches us and initiates our approach.

Jesus tells us in the gospel that he will always be present in our lives, even when we feel hopeless and lonely.

Keep our confidence in him strong, and he will come to our rescue.

Asty, a teenage girl with ameloblastoma illness (a massive tumor on her face), approached me one day. When she arrived, she informed us of her ordeal. Although the tumor on her face was not the primary source of pain; the rejection from family and bullying by others tormented her more than her disease.

While Asty needs therapy for her condition, she believes that comfort, consolation, empowerment, acceptance, and love are more important than surgery since surgery takes a strong mind and faith, which she lacks.

Each of us who believes in God is tasked with becoming Jesus to others.


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