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When Seeing Equals Believing

March 28, Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent
Daily Readings:  Reading I Isaiah 65:17-2, Gospel John 4:43-54

Jesus said to him, "Unless you see signs and wonders, you will not believe." (John 4:48)

Believing in something or someone is challenging to do unless we have proof. We will not take another person’s word for it. But it’s funny that some people still get victimized by scammers even if they have not seen enough proof of how they can get loads of money instantly. They have faith in things that are too good to be true. And yet, when we talk about God, they shy away or doubt God exists.

Then why do we still have doubts about Jesus, who is "too good and true"? We love praying for something, and when that prayer is answered, we still want something tangible from God. When we hear stories about faith in humanity being restored, we raise our eyebrows and think it’s too good to be true.

The royal officer in the Gospel persisted, even if Jesus rebuked the people for asking for signs to believe. Here we know that he had steadfast faith in Jesus when he followed the Lord’s command to go home and hung on to His word that his son would be cured. He believed in Jesus’ words and not with a sign. We should be more like the officer: even if we feel discouraged, we should hold on to our faith. After praying dearly for something, we live our lives with faith in our hearts.

"The father realized that just at that time Jesus had said to him, ‘Your son will live,’ and he and his whole household came to believe" (John 4:53).

It’s time to hold on and believe in the words of the Savior. Most of the time, we fail to see the signs we ask for. The art historian Bernard Berenson once said, "Miracles happen to those who believe in them." Just like the royal officer’s family who chose to believe, let us allow God to work in our lives and be that "living miracle" to serve as an inspiration for others. Let us keep the faith so that they, too, will "see" and "believe" in the goodness of the Lord.


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