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Will we leave Him?

April 29, Saturday, 3rd Week of Easter
St. Catherine of Siena,virgin and doctor
Acts 9:31-42, John 6:60-69

The Bible is filled with questions. God asks questions of us and we ask questions of God. Our God is so near to us that His ear is always ready to hear our questions. The questions in today’s Gospel may be the most profound in Scripture. These questions continue to echo in our day.

Jesus asks the Twelve if they are going to leave Him as many of His followers had done already. In fact, all of the Twelve except the beloved disciple would ultimately leave Jesus, abandoning Him to face the cross alone. Jesus asks us the same question. Will we leave Hm? Will we walk away from our relationship with Christ in His Church, pursuing instead the values of the world? Or will we remain committed to our faith even when it is difficult?

Peter answers Jesus’ question with a question of his own. We might share Peter’s question: Lord, to whom shall we go? Who but Jesus can offer us truth and wholeness, healing and life? Who else can show us the path that leads to heaven and give us the grace to follow that path? Only Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life.


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