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Your faith has saved you

June 1, Thursday of the 8th Week of Ordinary Time
Memorial of Saint Justin, Martyr
Daily Readings: Sirach 42-15-25, Gospel Mark 10: 46 -52

Bartimaeus's blindness does not imply that his eyes and ears are similarly blind. His eyes were closed, making his other senses, such as hearing, more acute. The news of Jesus and the amazing miracles he performed must have gone far and wide. Bartimaeus did not want to lose this chance, so he utilized his ears to listen to every word of the people who went by and built hope in his heart about what he should do when Jesus passed by his position.

Because he was blind and had to beg on the streets, Bartimaeus could not ask others for assistance in bringing him to Jesus. Recognizing this constraint, he waited with hope and determination. The wait was not in vain, for Jesus went by, and the miracle occurred.

We are like Bartimaeus, struggling with our records (sins) to find relief from this misery and suffering. Many hope to practice and strengthen their senses to be acutely aware of God's presence. Some wait differently; perhaps some are too late in sin and wrongdoing to realize the good opportunity to recover and receive redemption.

Bartimaeus exhibited a strong faith. This attitude of faith he demonstrated in at least three ways: the first was when he actively waited for Jesus to come, the second was when he tried to attract Jesus' attention with all his might against the crowd, and the third was when he firmly answered when Jesus asked him, "What do you want me to do for you?"

God was delighted with him because of his extraordinary faith, and a miracle was conceived and displayed in Bartimaeus. "Go your way; your faith has saved you," Jesus responded.

What about you? Have you done everything you can to prepare for the arrival of Jesus? Have you refined your senses to be more sensitive to God's presence? Do you dare to reject temptation and concentrate solely on Him? Do you know what you desire from God?


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