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Archdiocesan Music Director composes Hymn of the Synodal Church

Hymn of the Synodal Church by Michael Peria and Hyderabad Archdiocesan Choir

An Indian layman, Michael Peria, Director cum Conductor of Hyderabad Archdiocesan Choir has composed a hymn for the synodal Church.

“I have summarized the fruits of the Synodal Church. I would call this, ‘Together Towards a SMART CHURCH’,” said Michael Peria. Peria wants to share the song with the whole world and has posted it on YouTube.

Here is his view of the SYNODAL CHURCH

“I am 72 years old, being a lay faithful helping the growth of the church in many ways. Since 2010 I spend 50% of my time in Church with no support of any kind.

According to me the reason for this initiative, Synodal Church, is that we have failed in keeping up with the teachings of Vatican II somewhere. Therefore:

(1) We need to find out where we have gone wrong. For example; Equality among all Faithful... Living as a ‘Single People’ (Lumen Gentium), Celebrating the Liturgy as per the NORMS of the Church... the role of the Lay Faithful in the functioning of the Church, the role of women in the church, Parish Priests and Bishop’s finding and living with the ’Smell of the Sheep’ (Family visits) and many more and I have a long list.

(2) During this Synodal Process time include more Lay faithful than the Clergy and Religious.

(3) Keep an open ear to the voice from the pews – Listening Church

(4) After 3 years of process/discernment, I know, we will bring out a document like Vatican II and keep referring to it in our writings and preaching but do not forget to bring out a “To Do” document that has a time frame for every ‘DO’ and work on a methodology to monitor/review the TO DOs.

Michael Peria Hyderabad Archdiocesan Choir Director

Michael Peria is a talented music director, composer, and trainer, with a lot of educational and professional experience. Equipped with a post-graduate degree in Mass communications and sociology, he taught at St Xavier’ communications Institute for 8 years and later headed Multimedia practice at CMC Ltd.

He has received “Eminent Christian” in the area of Music for composing 250 Responsorial Psalms and a Citation from CBCI for his contribution to the Indian Church in composing 350 Responsorial Psalms and producing 9 films on the Small Christian community. 

Church and Music

A Sacred Music Minister for 51 years, he has composed and published more than 120 Tamil hymns, 45 Hindi Bhajans, around 10 English hymns, and 4 High Masses. He is also serving as a visiting professor of ‘Theology of Sacred Music’ in different Theologates in India.

Music has a trinitarian character as it is constituted of the Ragam (Tune), Thalam (Rhythm), Pallavi (Lyric)

According to him, the composers of hymns must align their techniques with the teachings of the church and thus ensure that the music they produce is truly divine.

Regarding his service to liturgical music, Peria has this to say “What God has given me, let me give to the world.”

He is very appreciative of the Roman Catholic Church music, which he thinks is part of the universality of the Church. The liturgical singing reveals communion, a sense of oneness of being a “single People.”

Currently, he is the Director and Conductor of 50 member Hyderabad Archdiocesan choir, with members from 18 parishes.

Lyrics of the Hymn of the Synodal Church by Michael Peria
The Lyrics: Sanctae Spiritus qui in nobis vivis - Miserere nobis

Chorus in Latin
     Sanctae Spiritus qui in nobis vivis        - Miserere nobis
     Sanctae Spiritus qui per nobis agis      - Miserere nobis

Chorus in English
     Oh, Holy Spirit, living in us                   - Have mercy on us
     Oh, Holy Spirit, working through us     - Have mercy on us

We are weak and sinful                             - Miserere nobis
Instruct us to live in harmony                    - Miserere nobis
Keep us from the path of ignorance          - Miserere nobis
Make yourself at home in our h                 - Miserere nobis

May we journey together, caring for each other    - Miserere nobis
May we journey together, listening to each other  - Miserere nobis
May we journey together, with equality                 - Miserere nobis
May we journey together, with tranquility              - Miserere nobis

To journey in communion witnessing One God      - Miserere nobis
To participate in the mission of the Church            - Miserere nobis
To journey together as a ‘Single People’                - Miserere nobis
To journey together building a New Society           - Miserere nobis

Help us be a simple and moral faithful                   - Miserere nobis
Help us live as an accountable body                      - Miserere nobis
Help us march as a responsible tribe                     - Miserere nobis
Help us to be a transparent community                  - Miserere nobis

Peria welcomes the translation of the song into other languages. If someone wants to translate using words matching the tune, he would provide the Polyphonic Music Sheet of this hymn.

Lyrics & Music: Michael Peria
Chorus Latin: Lucia Poleggi, Rome.
Sung and presented by the Archdiocesan Choir Hyderabad - HAC
Contact: Mobile Phone: +91 9849983941
email: [email protected].


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