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Catechist: A witness of hope, love of Christ

Every September, the Philippine Catholic Church celebrates National Catechetical Month. This is about the feast of St. Lorenzo Ruiz, a catechist and the first martyr-saint in the Philippines.

The theme of the National Catechetical Month 2022 is "The Catechists, Walking Together as Witnesses of the New Life in Christ."

RVA News talked with Mary Catherine Alajor, a former catechist at San Isidro Labrador Parish and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Project 8, Catholic Diocese of Cubao, Philippines. 

She has been a catechist for three years. She resigned last year to pursue her Law degree. Excerpts:

Why and how did you become a catechist? 

I have been a scholar of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (ACI), since grade four.  With their help, I was able to finish my studies at Stella Maris College, Quezon City, with the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Religious Education.

After college, I started my Catechetical Ministry in the church under the Catholic Diocese of Cubao.

What has been your experience as a catechist?

As a catechist, teaching faith is challenging. First, because students look up to me as their role model; it is about doing what I teach them. Second, some students belong to other sects and religions, and they would ask questions about their faith, and of course, I have to be knowledgeable enough to answer them with the right words without offending others' beliefs.

Lastly, when I face difficulties, I always have to remind myself of the love of God because it is what I teach and it is the truth. But above all, teaching faith brings joy that no words can explain.

What is the role of the catechist in teaching and nurturing the faith of others in the church? 

A catechist's role is to be a friend to all people from all walks of life. This is important in nurturing the faith of others because it is a way of letting others know the first truth—love. Jesus became a friend and proclaimed the love of God.

We, as catechists, continue that. Love might be a simple word, but it means a lot. Our first duty, not just as a teacher but also as a friend, is to share that God is love.

Mary Catherine Alajor teaches catechism to a group of students and others (A file photo supplied)

What are the challenges you face as a catechist?

The two primary challenges I faced were dealing with students who have different beliefs. I had to choose words that would not offend them but also defend my faith. 

The second is financial matters, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, God moves in mysterious ways. Looking back, I do not know where I got the money to support myself and my family. I think even at this time, catechists are still having difficulties with this matter. 

If you were not a catechist, what would you be? 

If I was not a catechist, I would be a teacher in a school and not know about the faith. I would not have experienced the beauty of serving in a church.

Your reflections on the theme: "The Catechists, Walking Together as Witnesses of the New Life in Christ."

Once a person becomes a catechist, he or she is always a catechist. I am pursuing another course right now, but the heart of a catechist was never and will never be taken away from me. Even though I am kilometers away from my co-catechists, one thing still binds us together. It is faith and prayer. Wherever I go, whoever I meet, I am a witness of hope and the love of Christ.


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Sr. Fe V. Lim, FMM, Sep 19 2022 - 4:25pm
Indeed, the seeds planted have grown! Catherine showed already her passion even as a student with us. She was serious and at the same time happy in her formation. And now, I could see from her responses to questions asked how her faith and knowledge have grown. We are proud of her and out other alumnae. We are grateful that they are generous and committed to the Church’s mission of witnessing to the love of God in Jesus Christ.
Sr. Bessie Orb…, Sep 19 2022 - 9:09pm
I am so glad that Catherine has the heart of a true and valiant catechist. She has served the Church well and in her new endeavor to become a lawyer, I hope and pray she will be one of the new breed that will champion truth, justice and integrity. I was her Guardian-Formator here at Lumen Christi Catechetical Center of Stella Maris College, and even then she has manifested a deep sense of dedication and grateful service. I am happy that she is an inspiration to many young people and fellow catechists and may God bless her life goals and dreams.