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Holy Spirit nuns hold a free training program for the needy in Indonesia

Special computer program at the Karitas Peduli Lembata Job Training Center (Photo:

The Caritas Peduli Lembata Job Training Center (BLK) now offers a unique program for children of farmers, fishermen, motorbike taxi drivers, and port workers from Pada Village, Nubatukan District, Lembata Regency in East Nusa Tenggara, in the southernmost province of Indonesia.

There are two free training programs available: a computer course and a sewing course, which assist underprivileged youth in becoming skilled workers.

Sister Margaretha Ada, the director of BLK Karitas Peduli Lembata, said that the Gunthild Karitas Peduli Foundation specifically conducted this free course as part of their unique BLK pathway training program for Pada Village locals.

"Participants from families of farmers, fishermen, port workers, motorcycle taxi drivers, widows, or widowers will receive priority,” said Sister Margaretha, a member of the Missionary Congregation of Sisters, Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS), who are popularly known as Holy Spirit Sisters.

According to her, BLK Karitas Peduli Lembata has always provided “Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara” (state budget) and “Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Daerah” (regional revenue and expenditure budget)-funded programs for Lembata children.

The nuns provide free training to their residents. The Gunthild Foundation's policy for the SSpS nuns also covers young people whose families work as port workers, motorbike taxi drivers, farmers, or fishermen.

"We modified the computer and sewing materials from the six Indonesian Ministry of Manpower training program competency units to suit the training participants," she added. "The technical workshop for operating basic sewing machines and basic office computer courses includes 50 hours of training."

The nuns serving in Pada Village have charted the residents' issues. The free program is part of the 2024 strategic plan.

Sister Margaretha and other nuns discovered that many youngsters, including motorbike taxi drivers, port workers, farmers, and fishermen, lacked the necessary skills. They frequently have low self-esteem, lack confidence in society, and no income source.

"This is the result of our family visits to people's homes and learning about social and economic conditions," she stated.

Hundreds of alumni from Rahim BLK Karitas Peduli Lembata are currently starting their careers. 

From August 2020 to November 2023, 24 sets of participants from four training programs—computers being the most popular—were present at the BLK. There were 276 participants throughout 16 training sessions.

"Many have worked and gained acceptance into the workforce," she stated. -With input from

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