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India: Rural woman defies all odds to be entrepreneur

Mrs. Deuri, the third from the right, shows hand stitching production.

Mrs. Deuri, a 46-year-old woman in a remote village in West Bengal, a state in eastern India, knows how to defy all odds to become an entrepreneur in her capacity.

"One has to know how to overcome one’s adversity to improve one’s life," she says. "I was happy that others provided me many opportunities for my well-being."

She is from Rupnarayanpur village, Balihati, in the West Medinipur district. Last January, she joined a three-month sewing and stitching course to enhance her skills using a machine. The social development arm of the Archdiocese of Calcutta, Seva Kendra Calcutta, organized the training.

Hand stitching has been her passion since childhood. Her overarching objective was to navigate this skill to elevate her economic standing by earning greater revenues than previously.

She faced many struggles and obstacles to pursue her dream, master her skill, and take it to the next level.

She raised her son as a single mother and cared for the family while running a small tea stall. She did not lose hope and continued to pursue her dream.

Seva Kendra (social center) in Calcutta’s project "Sambandh" (relationship) provided her with a platform where she could eventually fulfill her dream, where she not only received a professional sewing teacher to instill in her greater abilities that she lacked before.

She also joined the skill development women's group and shared her expertise and knowledge with other members.

She is now a proudly certified candidate and the skill development unit's first-line, identified trainer.

Deuri is now well-known in her community, which appreciates her creative abilities and perseverance.

Her per-day orders have increased after sewing training, which brings a big smile to her face.

She receives 20–30 orders per day. This training has strengthened her mental fortitude and given her the confidence to keep her spirits high. She is a living example of how age does not impede learning.

"I am happy that my dreams to become a better entrepreneur have paid off with the training I had recently and the opportunity it creates," Deuri says.

But what makes her determination to work hard and escape poverty so endearing?

She thinks that more training, opportunities, and resources can help her and other women improve their lives and sources of income.

Rural women face numerous social, cultural, and economic challenges, and Deuri claims that organizations like Seva Kendra Calcutta are necessary to inspire them.

She said, "Knowing one's struggles of all kinds, one must know how to overcome them with grit."

Deuri serves as an example for others of how perseverance and hard work may help rural women reach their goals in life.

"One's passion should enable one to persevere better," she continues. "We all need to encourage other women who need to improve their financial viability in rural areas," she says.

"If my hard work, perseverance, and determination inspire other women to do their best, I am humbled by the opportunities I received. After all, one’s passion and dedication pay off," Deuri says. 


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