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World’s most premature baby defies all odds

Baby Richard celebrates his first birthday after being born at 11 ounces. (Photo courtesy of Hutchinson Family via National Catholic Register)

The pictures have circled secular media for about a week now: a tiny baby dependent on oxygen smiling in front of a cake that is bigger than his 1-year-old head.

They tell the story of an infant who came into the world when his mother, Beth Hutchinson, was only 5 months pregnant. 

The mother delivered her child and then was told the baby would not survive, the mood in the delivery room somber and tragic. 

But this baby had a different story to tell, defying all odds and surviving in the Minneapolis hospital NICU unit. 

On June 6, 2020, Baby Richard Scott William Hutchinson came into the world weighing 11 ounces, the smallest most premature baby on record in the world. His mother, Beth, was only 20 weeks pregnant. The tiny baby was given 0% chance of survival.

Richard’s father, Rick Hutchinson, said his son is truly a miracle, given what every doctor told them when he was born. 

“When Richard was born, they told us he had a 0% chance of survival, and they asked us if we wanted to hold him before he passed away; and after consulting with the neonatologist department there, they agreed to give him a chance — and look!"

Fast-forward to this month, when Baby Richard celebrated his first birthday, now weighing a whopping 16 pounds. Born at just 20-weeks gestation, Baby Richard is now a Guinness Book of World Records record holder. He is the youngest known person to survive. - Read the full story on the National Catholic Register


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