Lent reminds priest of reason for vocation

Monsignor Meliton Oso, social action director of Jaro Archdiocese (left), with Father Edwin Gariguez (center), talks with a resident of Boracay Island facing an eviction order from the government following the rehabilitation program on the island. (Photo by Mark Saludes)

Lent reminds Father Edwin “Edu” Gariguez of the reason why he entered the priesthood. “It’s self-giving,” he said.

“Self-giving,” the Filipino priest who is known for his social activism, said is the reason for being of every social action worker, priest, and activist.

“That is the reason why they choose to follow the path of serving the people,” he said.

On Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten season, Father Edu tendered his resignation as executive secretary of the social action secretariat of the Philippine bishops’ conference. It will take effect on May 30, 2020.

“It was just a coincidence,” he said. “I knew there could be no other perfect day to make [his departure] public,” said the priest.

Father Edu, who served the social action office of the bishops in the past ten years, said Ash Wednesday is a reminder of Jesus’ teaching to take care of the welfare of others.

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