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Saints Timothy and Titus

Saints Timothy and Titus

The Church commemorates the memorials of Saints Timothy and Titus (both bishops) on January 26.

They are the patron saints of relief from stomach disorders.

According to New Testament accounts, Saints Timothy and Titus were companions of Saint Paul the Apostle. They both dedicated themselves to preaching the gospel and endured suffering as a result.

Timothy’s father was Greek, and his mother was Jewish. Paul converted him to the Christian faith at the age of 47 and later joined him in the preaching ministry. Timothy was present when Paul founded a church in Corinth.

Timothy collaborated with Paul for about 15 years in preaching work, and he became one of the trusted and faithful friends in the mission. Paul sent him on difficult missions, which Paul had founded.

Timothy was with Paul when the latter was arrested in Rome, according to reports. During the same period, Timothy was in prison (Hebrews 13:23). Paul appointed Timothy to be the Ephesus church's head.

Titus hails from Antioch. He was a Gentile. He was another distinctively close friend, disciple, and follower of Paul. Reportedly, Titus excelled as a peacemaker, administrator, and great friend.
According to Paul’s second letter to Corinth, Paul and Titus had a great fellowship, collaboration, and bond of friendship in preaching the gospel with competence, compassion, and commitment.

One such example occurred when Paul, facing difficulties within the same local church, sent a severe letter to the community at Corinth. Titus not only carried a letter to Corinth but was also a distinctive peacemaker and negotiator. Titus was successful in resolving differences and addressed the concerns of the community at Corinth with grit and grace (cf. 2 Corinthians 7:7a, 15). Additionally, he knew how to face the challenges of life on a mission with faith and determination.

In the "Letter to Titus," he is called the administrator of the Christian community on the island of Crete, responsible for overseeing its organization, resolving grievances, and designating presbyter-bishops.

In sum, Saints Timothy and Titus showed great passion for missionary work and indomitable faith in Christ. They also demonstrated great friendship and collaboration with Paul and others for the sake of the gospel.

However, they faced insurmountable challenges in life and mission, and yet they were able to address them with the patience, courage, and guidance of God. Amidst all those situations—the problems of human nature and the drudgery of daily life—Saints Timothy and Titus showed their love of Christ, who sustained them.

Finally, we need to take cues from their exemplary and inspiring lives and imitate their indispensable qualities of life in our lives as guideposts for the love of Christ and the gospel we profess and preach as our common heritage and shared faith here and now. 


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