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Hasten to welcome Jesus with Joy

Joy is contagious. It demands we share the same with others. If we fail or hesitate, it becomes a killjoy.
Joy of welcoming Jesus. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Third Sunday of Advent                                                                   Sunday Readings: Zephaniah 3:14-18, Philippians 4:4-7 & Luke 3:10-18

Joy is contagious. It demands we share the same with others. If we fail or hesitate, it becomes a killjoy.

Today's antiphon at mass to the readings and the other prayers all express this sentiment of joy. The reason is that we are hastening towards Christmas. A better way to welcome our Saviour with our hearts bubbling with joy.

This joy is not for private consumption or us alone.  We share it with others. How do we then share this joy? The best way is by the witness of our lives.

St Luke in today's Gospel teaches us something that we all know but conveniently tend to forget. He begins by saying if we have two cloaks, we should share with those who have none the same with food. He confronts his listeners do not hoard or collect more than they need. We know our needs are few, but our wants may be endless. He challenges us to be fair and just in our dealings with others so that the other too experience the joy of living with identity and dignity with integrity.

Luke introduces us to a popular personality - John the Baptist, a powerful preacher and messenger known for reform and renewal. John, in turn, introduces us to someone greater than him who will not only reform or renew but rejuvenate and revitalize each one of us as he burns all that is not worthy and useful in our lives so that this same space will be filled with joy.

May we welcome Jesus our Savior, experience the fullness of his joy. In Jesus, our joy is made complete.


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