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Perseverance in Prayer

Reflection Date: October 16, Sunday of 29th Week in Ordinary Time
Daily readings: Exodus: 17:8-13; 2 Timothy 3:14-4:2; Gospel 18:1-8

Moses intercedes with raised hands while Joshua fights the enemies. Paul reminds Timothy of the need to study the Scriptures and preach the Gospel in and out of season. Through the parable of the widow and the judge, Jesus teaches the need for perseverance in prayer.

Two things that get waylaid when we busy ourselves with the daily chores of life are reading the Scriptures and praying. The immediate demands of life are so great that spending time to read the Bible and pray individually or collectively seems like luxury.

I once observed a phenomenon in a theology study house: on the days the students had examinations, the morning prayer and meditation became “private”, and the Mass was postponed to the evening – to help students with their immediate preparation for exams.

I wonder if it didn’t communicate a message to the students – the future priests – that prayers were secondary and cancellable to suit one’s convenience? And that is what they would grow up to do as well! When prayer becomes marginal and sporadic, so does the grace of God in our lives as well.

Let us pray, "Lord, give me the grace of perseverance in daily prayer.”

I invite you to spend an hour in personal prayer today.


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