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Whoever believes in him will not be condemned

June 4, Sunday of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
Daily Readings:  Exodus 34:4b-6, 8-9, 2 Cor 13:11-13; Gospel: John 3:16-18

Being a believer takes practice. To have faith, one must have knowledge, comprehension, or awareness of the subject or object. These days, it isn't easy to believe in anything. This may be why Jesus said infants possess the kingdom of heaven, as sincerity and innocence are required to obtain the kingdom of heaven for nothing. Conversely, adults encounter significant opposition and rejection, making entering the kingdom of heaven much more difficult.

Salvation is granted to those who have faith and strive diligently to attain it. Those who believe are distinguishable from those who do not. Salvation is based not only on stating "I believe" but also on advancing towards what is believed to be accurate, even becoming like what is thought to be, signifying real action.

Today, Jesus demonstrated his unity with God to his disciples and the entire human race. Jesus' statements may be blasphemous to those who do not believe or refuse to embrace them. How could a mortal claim be on par with God? This also implies that he has the same level of education as God.

Meanwhile, Jesus' remark will reinforce and strengthen the faith of those who believe. The union between Jesus and God is plausible because Jesus is an integral element of God and is God himself. What Jesus taught is what God himself communicated, which means that every teaching emanating from Jesus is also from God.

The good news that Jesus brings is that listening to Him also entails listening to God. God is the one who speaks and works. Rejecting Jesus is the same as rejecting God, indicating that we are further away from redemption.

This also implies that God is present in every human being. God is present and operates through other people, so we must respect our fellow humans. Torturing other people (fellow humans) or harming God's created environment is an act against God, which we call sin.


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