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  • India: Rally for peace in Manipur by the Patna people

    S K Lawrence, the representative of the Bihar Chapter of the International Human Rights Council, said, "I call for a speedy resolution to the problem. He remained the prime minister that Manipur burned for more than 50 days, making “the situation out of control” with thousands of lives ruined, homes destroyed, and people killed. “And still, you are silent?”
  • Cancelling a Marian pilgrimage distraught a Hindu facilitator of the shrine in India

    The annual pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Divine Grace in Mokama, in Bihar state in eastern India, has been cancelled for the first time due to the covid-19 restrictions imposed by the Bihar government. The event takes place on the first Sunday of February and was to be held on February 6.
    Dharmendar Yadav, popularly known as Dharmendar Mukhiya, is distraught. Like the hundreds of regulars who make the annual pilgrimage from Patna, the Bihar capital, to Mokama, he will not be able to get a 'darshan' (face-to-face encounter) with his 'mata' (mother) on this auspicious day.