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Pope urges Christian Workers to renew society through solidarity and work for the common good 

World Movement of Christian Workers (File photo)

Pope Francis urged the members of the Christian Workers’ Movement to renew society through solidarity and work for the common good.

Pope Francis was addressing the World Movement of Christian Workers, on Friday, in connection with the 50th anniversary of the Christian Labour Associations.

The Pope told the Christian Workers to be the voice of the voiceless: ‘worry less about your enrolled members and more about being a leaven of justice and solidarity in society.”

He added that no one should feel excluded from work, including women and young people, who deserve dignified remuneration for their labours.

The Pope urged the Christian Workers to renew according to the signs of the times and the Second Vatican Council’s exhortation for Christians.

The Pope indicated that the social teaching of the Church could be a source of renewal.

Pope Francis said that the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity were the basis of a society that included everyone for participation and left no one out.

“Without subsidiarity, there is no true solidarity because we run the risk of not giving voice to people’s abilities and talents,” he added.

Pope Francis stressed the need for ongoing "purification" due to our sinfulness, seeking God’s mercy.

“It is important not to indulge in self-celebration but to recognize the Holy Spirit's action in the folds of your history, not so much in sensational events, but rather in the humble, everyday ones,” he reminded.

He noted that being open to conversion shows bravery and strength, not weakness.

“We must welcome the newness of the Spirit without putting obstacles in the way, allowing young people to find space. The spirit of gratuitousness is to be cherished and shared, not losing the resourcefulness of the beginnings,” the Pope said.

In the aftermath of the epidemic and what he called the "ongoing Third World War," the Pope called for a "new planting season."

He encouraged everyone involved in the movement to pay special attention to the needs of Christian working people and to strive toward making Church communities more welcoming.

“Social inequalities, forms of slavery and exploitation, family poverty due to lack of work or poorly paid work are realities that need to be heard in our Church communities,” the Pope stated.

Pope Francis urged them to maintain a positive attitude since the Movement of Christian Workers is dedicated to promoting reconciliation and fraternity.

The Pope entrusted them to St. Joseph, “May St. Joseph always inspire you to work with faith and passion.” - With inputs from Vatican News


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