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The Synodal briefing included prayers for war victims and voices of seafarers

Cardinal Arthur Roche, who evoked the “danger of a bloody war” with the violence in Gaza and Israel in recent hours opened with a meditation on the Sixth General Congregation of the Synod underway at the Vatican, according to the Vatican News.

The president of the Commission for Information, Paolo Ruffini, and Commission secretary, Sheila Pires, in the daily briefing in the Holy See Press Office, reported on the work between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, which centered on topics such as conflicts in the world, poverty, migration, abuse, and sexual identity.

The guests were Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, Archbishop of Québec (Canada), who reported on his experience of “enrichment” these days in the Paul VI Hall; Grace Wrakia, witness to the Synod process in Oceania, who made the voice of the “small” communities of Papua New Guinea heard; and Luca Casarini, activist and founder of “Mediterranea Saving Humans”, a non-government organization born in 2018 from the “indignation” in the face of the thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean, and today dedicated to saving lives at sea.

At Paul VI Hall, there were strong appeals for peace and the people suffering from war.  “Reference was made to how Christians can be a sign of peace and reconciliation in a world disfigured by wars and violence," said Dr. Ruffini.


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