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The ‘Woke’ Agenda: Unveiling the Camouflage of Cartoon Shows

Recent reports in US newspapers have accused the world-famous Walt Disney Company of having taken up the cause of the LGBTQ community through what is termed as their ‘woke’ agenda. (Getty Images - 681049)

“They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and served the creature rather than the creator.” (Romans 1:25) 

The next time your little children clamour to see their favourite cartoon show on Disney channel, you , as responsible parents, ought  to be very cautious about allowing them to do so.

And the reasons for this do not include the oft repeated warnings of the harmful effects of excessive screen-time on children. In fact, the discussion here is on a much more dangerous and sinister outcome that could have a very negative and deep-rooted impact on young and innocent minds.

The meaning of ‘woke’ 

Recent reports in US newspapers have accused the world-famous Walt Disney Company of having taken up the cause of the LGBTQ community through what is termed as their ‘woke’ agenda. For those of you who are not yet familiar with this fairly new terminology, it is a U.S. slang,  that originated in African American English a few years back, as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Merriam Webster dictionary defines ‘woke’ as an active awareness of issues pertaining to racial and social justice.

Positioning themselves under this banner, Disney has decided to promote same sex relationships through their cartoon characters, so that children are indoctrinated at a very early age that these relationships are normal and natural. Disney’s corporate president Karey Burke, who has one transgender child and one pan sexual child, has decided that a sizeable percentage of characters in their cartoon shows would belong to the LGBTQIA category.

Stage-by-stage execution

What does this mean for the countless number of preschoolers who watch these cartoons on a daily basis all over the world? From a very early age, gender differences will become blurred in their young minds, and same sex attraction will be the order of the day. Once these ideas are implanted in these young and impressionable minds, the first stage of Disney’s ‘woke’ agenda would be complete.

The next stage is even more bizarre. Disney cuts through the glitter and camouflage of cartoon shows and unambiguously reveals their demonic plan. According to them, they would like children in the kindergarten and first grade to be free to discuss transgenderism with each other and with the school authorities, so that each one can decide for themselves whether they want to remain the way they are, or whether they want to opt for a sex change.

All this seems unbelievable at first, but it takes only a few minutes on Google to check authentic information sources that present the subject in greater detail.

The aim of the agenda

From a Christian point of view, the ‘woke’ agenda seems more like a satanic agenda, being realized through global conglomerates. Its single-minded aim is to destroy the sanctity of God’s creation of humans as man and woman. This, in turn , would result in uprooting the foundations of family and children.  God’s first blessing for mankind is recorded in Genesis1:28 –Increase and multiply, and fill the earth. In opposition to that, this demonic plan seeks to destroy the very basis of procreation, and disconnect man and woman from their Creator, misleading them to believe that they are entitled to make that choice. Once caught in this vicious trap, Satan’s destructive agenda will kick in automatically.

The first temptation

The story of the serpent tempting Eve to eat the fruit of the tree  of knowledge of good and evil becomes significant here. There is a deeper meaning to that act of disobedience that compelled God to banish our first parents from Paradise. The words of the serpent to Eve are noteworthy- For God knows that in the day that you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good from evil- Genesis 3:5. What actually happened when Eve ate from the fruit of the tree was that man began to feel he was an equal match for his Creator. They turned away from God’s Word and created their own definition and pattern of what can be termed as good or evil.

Right from the dynasties in the Old Testament up to this present day, man has continually created patterns of behavior and modes of living that he considered or declared as good for himself, for the society and for the country he lived in, depending on his span of influence. More often than not, these were far removed from God’s Word and direction. And yet people preferred to exchange the truth of God for a lie (Rom. 1:25), and the evil forces at work in the world convinced people that this was their highest good.

History repeats itself

What is happening at Disney is only a continuation of this trend. Once again the serpent tempts mankind to be ‘like God’ and to decide what gender they want to be, casting aside the Will of the Creator.  

What makes it extremely dangerous is that it is global in its influence, and, like an unseen virus, it has entered into the privacy of homes that nurture young and innocent minds. From this vantage point, it speaks to little children through TVs, phones and tablets, and often becomes the single greatest influence in their lives. Young parents who are juggling multiple tasks everyday invariably succumb to their children’s nagging requests for virtual entertainment. Little do they realize that the producers of these seemingly innocent shows have an insidious plan targeted at influencing an entire generation to set aside God and His Word.

Protest against Woke Agenda of Wlat Disney (Fox News)
Protest against legislative bill

As this trend spread through the US, Florida brought out a legislative bill that explicitly forbids schools from teaching curriculum on sexual orientation and gender identity to children from kindergarten to third grade. As expected, Disney came down heavily against the bill, protesting that it was against the interests of the LGBTQ community. In the guise of human rights and social justice, Disney stands guilty of setting into motion this diabolical plan using the most innocent and vulnerable section of the world’s population.  Luke 17:2 speaks of the punishment that awaits actions such as these - It will be better to have a millstone around one’s neck and be thrown into the sea than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.

The lethal goal

The underlying motive behind these disguised agenda is easily identifiable. God’s plan pertaining to the institution of  family and children has been under siege for a while. Divorces and broken families are on the increase. Movements like Pro-Choice that encourage and legalize abortions, move towards the common goal of total annihilation of the family foundation.

The ‘woke ‘ agenda takes this to the next level. Disney and other similarly disposed corporates believe in ‘catching them young’ so that there will be no resistance to these ideas as the children grow up. In fact, retaining one’s natural gender may go out of fashion in the next few decades. The institution of family may slowly fade away and be assigned a place in  history books.

It is important to be watchful and aware of what is going on around us. We simply cannot decide to ride with the tide. We have a responsibility to turn the direction of these threatening waves. May the generations to come find protection under the mighty wings of their Creator! 


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