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WORDLINKS 6: Biblical History; Locating Ourselves in the Biblical Time, Old Testament

WORDLINKS 6: Biblical History; Locating Ourselves in the Biblical Time, Old Testament
Important Biblical Dates: OT (BCE) BOOK REFRENCE

1. Time of the Patriarchs
     Around 2000-1750: Abraham
     Around 1600: Jacob

Gen 12-50

2. Slavery in Egypt and Exodus
     Around 1750-1550: Slavery in Egypt
     Around 1250: Exodus event


3. Period of the Judges
     Around 1200-1020: Joshua and the Judges
     Settlement in Palestine

Josh and Judges

4. The Time of the Kings
     1020-922: United Monarchy
     Saul, David, Solomon

1 & 2 Sam; 1 Kgs; 1 Chron

5. Division of the Monarchy: 922-721
     Kingdom of Israel (North; capital: Samaria)
     Kingdom of Judah (South; capital: Jerusalem)
     The Golden Age of the Prophets

2 Kgs; 2 Chron

6. The Exile Period
     721: Fall of Samaria to the Assyrian empire (exile to Nineveh)
     587: Fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonian empire (exile to Babylon)
     Destruction of Jerusalem and of the temple (first temple)
     587-539: Babylonian captivity

2 Kgs; 2 Chron; Jer 39-44, 52, Ps 137

7. Persian Era: 539-333
     Restoration under Ezra and Nehemiah
     Construction of the second temple
     Law or Torah was fixed

Ezra; Neh

8. Hellenistic Period: 333-63
     R333-300: Alexander the Great
     300-200: Ptolemies rule (Egypt) (Septuagint)
     200-175: Seleucids rule (Antioch of Syria)
     Beginning of the Hassidic (religious, holy) movements (roots of the Pharisees and the Essenes)
     Great persecution (Antiochus IV the King Syria)
     175-135: Maccabean revolt: (Priest Mattathias) Judas, Jonathan and Simon Maccabeus
     134-63: Hasmonaean rule

1 & 2 Macc

9. Roman Rule Begins: 63
     333-300: 63: Pompey (from Rome) conquers Jerusalem
     37-4: Herod the Great
     Sadducees and Zealots
     19: Reconstruction of the temple
     6: About two years before Herod’s death Jesus is born

The Origin of the OT text   

Event and Oral Tradition: Around 2000 BCE >>> 90 CE

Written Tradition: Around 950 BCE >>> 90 CE

Edited Tradition: 586 BCE >>> 90 CE


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